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We breed for quality not quantity so we only have a few litters a year.
All of our puppies are born and raised in my home not in a large kennel facility.
My puppies are well socialized with children, cats, and other dogs.
I only have Standard puppies about every 18 months, they are mostly Show Litters. My puppies are sold with limited AKC registration ( No Papers) . Only Show potential puppies or puppies that are purchased with full AKC registration will get their AKC papers ( No exceptions).
I do suggest that you read my puppy contract page everything concerning the puppies is there to see. You may also check out the About Us page to read up on what we have been doing.
Deposits are Non Refundable No Exceptions to this ever. 
All of the puppies that are pictured are available if they are already sold their picture is removed from the puppy page or marked SOLD!. 
I update pictures weekly ( at least I try to anyhow).
The moms are feed a high quality puppy food ( Natures Domain)  from the time they are breed so their puppies get a good start with the right kind of nutrition. 

All of the moms (& puppies that are old enough to eat food) get raw chicken, 
yogurt, pet botanics ( a meat roll), &  NU Vet Complete Supplements daily.
The moms & puppies are free feed  Natures Domain puppy food.  
Puppies are available to go home at 9 weeks old.
I reserve the right to back out of selling a puppy at anytime up until the puppy is 9 weeks old. Unfortunately some people try to purchase under false pretense. 
I will refund deposits ONLY if I can Not provide the new puppy buyer with a healthy puppy or what they are wanting, Otherwise deposits are non-refundable. 

Balance is due in full by 9 weeks old, if puppy is to be picked up after the pickup date then you must send the balance by the time the puppy is 8 weeks old.
If you need me to keep the puppy longer than the recommended 9 weeks then a boarding fee of $10 per day or $50 weekly will be added to the balance due.

I do not let the puppies leave before the 9 week mark because they need to be with their mothers and learn how to be an excellent adult that is not nervous, anxious, or has separation anxiety.
The puppies will have two sets of shots, ( age appropriate if older), Revolution ( guards against fleas, ticks, & heart worm) & wormed before they leave my home. Puppies will go home current on their vaccines, their shot record, food, and heplful information. I do offer Micro Chipping for $40.  
Please remember that a puppy is a life time commitment and must be a well thought out decision not an impulse buy. 
I do NOT sell to Brokers, Pet Shops, or Puppy Mills! 
My puppies or adult dogs may not be re-sold without my written permission, or placed in ANY type or Dog Pound, Humane Society, or Rescue.  Attempting to do so is a direct violation of the signed puppy contract that the buyer signs upon possession of puppy .I will take back any PUPPY or ADULT at anytime if the owner is unable to KEEP IT.
Please understand that my first priority is the health and well being of the puppies/dogs

•  The Dachshund Club of America, Inc: http://www.dachshund-dca.org
•  The American Kennel Club: http://www.akc.org

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If you have any questions about a puppy or any questions in general the fastest and surest way to get
a hold of us is by phone. I Do check my e-mails daily but some of the mail  gets sent to the junk mail box, So I never see them.
~We love our dogs!
~The puppies are well socialized.
~All puppies are use to sleeping in a crate, so it will make potty training
  & the transition to their new home alot eaiser on everyone.
~Puppies will come with a 1 year guarantee on their genetics.
~Any adult that is adopted will be spayed or neutered and they will have
  their teeth cleaned & micro chipped before they leave us. 
~All of the puppies are born & raised in my house ( not in a kennel facility 
  in the back yard) so they get the attention they need and disserve from
  everyone in the house.
~Puppies go home with a puppy pack that contains their shot record, puppy
  pedigree, Royal Canin puppy food sample, Vitimine Supplements, a toy, great           information on training and first aide, & growth record.
~I have YEARS of experience with dachshunds. 
~I show my dogs. We have a few Champions!
~My dachshunds are so wonderful and perfect they have been in commercials,
  movies, magizines, and pictured on bags of dog food too Eukanuba, Pedigree
  Pro Plan adult and puppy foods. I'm sure you have see them.
~High Desert Doxies are so perfect that Movie stars & celebrities have 
  even purchased puppies from us.
~The puppies will have been checked out be a licensed veterinarian.
~They will have two well puppy check ups by their 9 week birthday.          
~A well puppy check up includes shots, fecal (check for parasites) wormed, 
  knees checked, eyes checked, check for hernias, ears, teeth are checked 
  for a proper bite, the boys are checked to make sure they have both of 
  the testicles,
~Most other breeders do NOT DO THIS! because they don't want to pay for 
  any extras. I do it because I want you to know that you are getting a  
  Happy Healthy Puppy!
~I am available 24 hours a day for any question or concerns you may  have 
  and if I am not home I WILL call as soon as I get home and  check my messages.
~I offer micro chipping for just $40, if you go to another veterinarian 
  it will cost you $70-$95. 
~The puppies will have at least 2 sets of shots when you get them, so you will 
  only need to get two more sets ( they need four sets of shots by the time 
  they are four months old and at 4-6 months old they will need their rabies shot).
~You will be getting a well bread dog ( puppy) from us.
~I keep the puppies till they are at least 9 weeks old.
~If you take a puppy from its mother too soon you can end up with a 
  very nervous adult with separation anxiety and other problems. Your puppy 
  will come with a 1 year guarantee on their genetics. So if they come down 
  with some genetic life treating defect I will replace the puppy/dog. 
  I can say and do this because I know that as a responsible pet owner and 
  breeder I have taken ever precaution possible to make sure that I do not 
  breed dogs with genetic defects or traits that should not be passed on. 
~All of my adults are check by my vet yearly and if they get sick or                        injured,  you can bet I am at the vet immediately! 
~I tell everyone that if you get a puppy or an adult dog from us, And if there 
  ever comes a time that you can not keep your dog whatever the reason may 
  That is what a responsible breeder does!
Here are a few  reasons why getting a puppy from us is a great decision !
               You know how the saying goes you get what you pay for -             So if you want the Best then you have to start with the Best                                            Well that Starts Here!  

To order your  Nu Vet Supplements visit www.NuVet.com  Referral ID 28568
                              or call  800-474-7044 to order in person.

   ******Seller BEWARE ******
         Michael Brewster
      Address  P.O. Box 34
   165 Bodie St , Hawthorn, NV
He put a deposit on a puppy on May6,2011, Picked up the puppy on 6/8/11 & paid the balance using his Credit Card, on 8/6/11 he called his credit card company & told them that he never received his puppy that HE picked up from my house. I contacted the CC & provided them with the receipts & emails that he sent after picking up his puppy inquiring about her care (baths, food ect.). As I told the CC if he didn't recive his puppy then why was he asking how to treat her dry skin "since the day I picked her up" But because their costumer is always right he got his money back & got to keep
 MY PUPPY TOO. I either want my dog back or the money he owes!
Great News about the puppy theft, The D.A. has decided to persue it and charge                                 Michael Brewster with - Grand Theft & Fraud!!!

                                Here is what we currently have available,
                    BOYS - Longhair Pale English Cream, Longhair Chocolate & Cream. Longhair Red Sable, Longhair Chocolate Cream Dapple, Shaded Cream Dapple.

     GIRLS-  Longhair English Cream, Longhair Shaded CreamLonghair Black & Cream, Smooth Black Tan DappleLonghair Red Sable and  Longhair Chocolate & Cream Ready for Christmas She is totally potty box trained.

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