These are pictures of what adult dachshund may look like.
These pictures are for color References Only. Dachshunds come in MANY different colors.

Example- Red, Red Sable, Red Brendel, & Red Piebald are all different variations of a Red Dachshund.

Example of Chocolate- Chocolate Tan, Chocolate dapple, Chocolate Double Dapple, & Chocolate Piebald are All Chocolates but just a different pattern of the Chocolate Dachshund.

- Chocolate 
& Tan Double 
 Longhair Chocolate & Cream 

                                        Black & Cream

                                              Black & Tan
Black & Cream

Longhair Red

                             Cream Brindel.

Red Sable
                                            Chocolate & Tan
Smooth Chocolate Dapple
Longhair Black & Cream Dapple
Any Double dapple is NOT a good idea. Please do not breed for Double dapple or purchase one. Unfortunately, they have health issues. I am in no way condoning double dapples, this girl is ONLY for color and pattern Reference.