New Puppy Preparation
New Puppy Preparation 

      Important Food Information for you and your puppy.

Your puppy will be weaned onto Pawtree " Real Chicken & Sweet Potato" You will need to continue with this food to prevent digestive upset. We recommend the chicken and sweet potato formula for puppies, and we often switch to the chicken and brown rice formula for older puppies and adults, both formulas work really well for everyone. DO NOT feed or change to a different food for the first month. Changing a puppy's food suddenly is a sure way to cause a severe case of diarrhea and discomfort. Your puppy will already be slightly stressed going to a new home with the new smells, new sounds, and new voices so keeping him/her on the same food and schedule will help minimize that stress and reduce the chance of developing diarrhea. We want the transition from our home to you to go as smoothly as possible. You will need to order at least one bag their food and vitamins to help keep the initial transition to their new home as stress free as possible- a new puppy with diarrhea is not fun for anyone! We encourage you to continue feeding PawTree , however, if you choose to transition your puppy, please consider using the " Gastro Pro Plus" to help with the transition.

I have been researching and trying different dog foods (I have even worked for different dog food companies over the years). My dogs and puppies are on several different dog food bags, most likely if you see a dachshund on a bag of dog food it is probably one of mine. They are even in several commercials.
 I love when the reps ask me what kind of food we feed and I tell them we feed and recommend PawTree , they always feel that I should be feed the foods that I am representing for them. I proceed to explain why I don't feed their foods and the difference between them and PawTree. 
 I want American made with a company history of no food recalls and with ingredients as fresh as possible. I am always consulting with fellow breeders and show dog moms and dads to find the best way to care for our dogs and the next generation.

 I have found everything I have been looking for with PawTree including being made in the USA. PawTree food does not have any of the following- No poultry by-products, no corn, no wheat, no soy, no added sugars or sweeteners, No artificial color, and no preservatives. Because PawTree is such a high-quality food we feed considerably less food and because of the incredible ingredients in the food and because the puppies and adults digest more we have LESS WASTE to clean up, a win for everyone involved.

There is a HUGE value in feeding our dogs a great food and the added supplements we give them daily. We have healthier dogs and puppies so less trips to the vets, the added healthy years that we get with our fur family members. We have had some of or dogs reach 19 years old!  and my sons cat made it to 20! I am a firm believer of you are what you eat, if you want to keep your furry family members around you need to invest in their long-term health and that starts with the food and supplements.

As an incentive to get you started using PawTree and to be sure you are set up and ready with your food and other puppy essentials before your puppy is ready to come home, I will offer you $100 off of the total purchase price of your puppy if you place an order for the "Ultimate Puppy Starter Kit" for Small/medium breeds and 1 additional bag of treats AND sign up for EZ Ship. I ask that you have this ordered and set up around the puppies 6-week-old birthday. You cannot find PawTree in store it ships directly the company to you. When you set up the EZ ship option you will save 25% or if you order 3 additional items shipping is free, EZ ship will ensure that you do not run of food or treats.
You will need to create an account with a username and password. please be sure that when placing your you see my name at the upper left-hand corner. By using the link from my home page or puppy page it will take you to the correct site with my recommendations. I cannot track who has ordered and will be unable to give you your $100 discount unless you see my name.

Here are a few other suggestions and essentials you will want before you get your new family member home.

1. Crate - big enough for an adult size dachshund (22 inch)
2. Toys- chew toys for teething, Nylabones are great, toys     
    with different textures like you would use for a teething  
    human baby, Plush toys.
    Rope toys or soft plastic toys are not recommended.    
3. Potty pads or litter box - we use a puppy litter box and  
    Second Nature puppy litter. You can order either
    from Amazon or get them from Pet Co.
4 Leash and collar, I use the non-slip collars so they can not 
   back out of the collar and get away from you. the leash
   should be 6 feet. I do Not recommend the flexi leashes, you 
   have NO control over your dog and I have seen too many 
   accidents because of them.
5. X pen or a puppy pen.
6. Food and water dishes - Heavy crock or stainless steel, I 
    use the heavy crock dishes. Plastic is very bad to use for 
    several reasons.
7. Food - PawTree Chicken & Oatmeal or Chicken & Sweet 
8. Dog bed- soft and fluffy.
9. Look into pet insurance- I recommend Trupanion.
10. The MOST Important- PATIENCE- Have patience with
      them they are just babies. EVERYTHING is new to them
      they have the attention span of a gnat! LOL!