Please understand that when you purchase a puppy from 
me/ High Desert Doxies this contract is valid even if you do not sign it.
By Purchasing a puppy from Me/ High Desert Doxies you are agreeing to this contract in full by accepting the puppy from me. This contract is here to be read and viewed by the potential buyer. If you have any questions regarding this contract, please contact me prior to purchasing a puppy or and adult from me.
Deposits are Non-Refundable once the deposit has been sent using Zelle or Cash App.
By sending a deposit through Zelle or Venmo you have already committed to a particular puppy or puppies you chose. Example- once you pick out a puppy THAT puppy is yours, if you change your mind for any reason after you place the deposit it will not be refunded No Exceptions to this ever (Rather it be a personal reason or a financial reason). 
Deposits are Non-Transferable No Exceptions to this ever.
These terms apply to Checks also once the check has been deposited. 
it is Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.
By sending a deposit the buyer agrees and acknowledges these terms.

Balance is due by 9 weeks old unless other arrangements have been made via text or email not verbal conversation. 
If said puppy has not picked up by their 9 weeks mark, I will consider the puppy abandoned and it will be resold, and the deposit will be forfeited unless arrangements have been made via text or email not a verbal conversation prior to the said/your puppy's 9-week-old birthday. If puppy is to be picked up after the pickup date, then you must send the balance by the time the puppy is 8 weeks old.
If you need me to keep the puppy longer than the recommended 9 weeks and we have already talked and texted, then a boarding fee of $20 per or $120 weekly will be added to the balance due.
Puppy Contract

                                                                                    High Desert Doxies
                                                        Miniature and Standard Dachshunds

                                                                                                                              Name of Buyer___________________________  

                                                                                                                                     Address: ____________________________    


                                                                                                                                    2nd #________________________________

   DOB: ___________________ Sex: Male/Female        Color: ___________________________ Pattern: _______________
   Hair Type: Smooth/Long/wire

   Parent/Sire: _________________________________  AKC#:_______________________________
   Parent/Dam: ________________________________  AKC#:_______________________________

                                                  By Signing / or purchasing a puppy from Jennifer / High Desert Doxies
                                                            Buyer / Buyers Agree to ALL Of the Terms Listed Below:
                                                      The deposit of $300.00 placed on each puppy is non-refundable.

   Breeder guarantees that the above-described puppy is a pure bread Dachshund with AKC registered parents. All puppies are sold under the
   condition that they are a healthy, AKC quality puppy. It is understood that at the time of sale this dog is a good representative of its breed 
   and is suited as a companion dog. We cannot guarantee adult size, conformation, color (Dilute colors run the risk of developing alopecia
    this is not a life threating genetic defect), or temperament of the puppy. 
   We cannot guarantee that this puppy is or ever will be show quality. 
   The actions and upbringing of the puppy is the sole responsibility of the buyer. 
   The buyer must provide food, clean water, proper vet care (staying current on vaccines, worming's i.e., free from parasites, proper flea           control) general obedience, and properly socialized with other animals and people.
   Under no circumstances will the breeder be held responsible for the dog's behavior. Buyer assumes full responsibility for the 
   health, temperament, & appearance of the above-described puppy upon possession.
   Breeder warrants that this puppy has been wormed and vaccinated in accordance with its age, and both parties agree that the puppy
   appears healthy at the time of pickup. Buyer realizes that the purchase of a live animal carry with it the risk of said puppy contracting
   various vermin, bacteria, or viruses that are not in the control of the breeder or buyer. beyond the 72-hour health guarantee the breeder 
   offers no guarantee against infectious disease.

​                                                                         Buyers Initials_______

   Absolutely NO CASH REFUNDS!! REPLACEMENT ONLY! At no time shall the seller be held responsible for any vet fees. 
   Puppies and adult dogs are ALWAYS welcome back no matter the circumstances, but if it is your choice to return the puppy/ dog to me 
   do not expect me to refund your money (there are ABSOLUTELY NO CASH REFUNDS). I understand things happen in life that are 
   unexpected but that is ultimately YOUR responsibly to ensure a proper home and care for your puppy/ dog for its life.

   The above-described puppy is to be spayed or neutered by his or her first birthday unless puppy has been sold with full registration. 
    It is best to get the boys neutered between the age of 4-6 months (as soon as their testicles drop down).
   We guarantee the health of the puppy for the first 72 hours after the puppy leaves our care. If written notice by the buyer's vet is 
   received by the seller within 72 hours of the puppy leaving our care, and this notice states that the puppy has a life-threatening condition 
   and our vet confirms this, we will replace the puppy with another puppy of the same sex and value as soon as one becomes available.
   The ONLY time a replacement puppy is offered is if the original puppy purchased has a life threating genetic defect.
   All expenses are the responsibility of the buyer. We will also guarantee the above-described puppy for one year against any life 
    threatening genetic defects only! 
   As part of the 1year guarantee the puppy MUST continue with Paw Tree dog food and their Nu Vet Complete Supplement to ensure
   the health and longevity of the puppy all through their adult life as well.
   They will go home with enough tablets to last them a few days till your supply is delivered. 
   You may want to order your Supplements prior to picking up your new puppy to ensure you have them in enough time. 
   Visit you must use High Desert Doxies referral ID # 28568 to order as the supplements are by referral only.
   You will also want to place an order for dog / puppy food at least a week before your pickup date

                                                                      Buyers Initials__________


   This contract prohibits this puppy/dog from being sold, given away, or euthanized you are required to contact the breeder prior to any of
   these situations. Puppy/ Dog must be surrendered back to the breeder if unable to keep the puppy/dog. If the buyer uses euthanasia 
   (Has the puppy put to sleep) the breeder will NOT replace the puppy / Dog and this contract will be VOID. & The Buyer will not get   
    another puppy/dog! 
    Failing to comply with any of the terms listed may result in a civil suit in the amount of $ 5,000 (five thousand U.S. dollars). 
   Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that the above-described puppy is free from ear mites or parasites (ear mites, round worms, hook worms,
   or any other types of intestinal parasites) Although the puppy has been to the vet for his/her checkups and has been cleared from my vet 
   to go to its new home. Neither can I guarantee the puppy is free from any types of intestinal infections ( i.e. Guardia, coccidia) as these can 
   be brought on by stress, dirty water, or other animals that have it. These things can easily be cured as well. I can only control what they are 
   exposed to in my home once they leave here I cannot and will not be held responsible for what they are exposed to.
   Note that the puppies have been to the vet and checked out thoroughly sometimes these things do not show up at the time of their visits. 
   Getting an animal is a lifetime commitment for the animal this should be a well thought out decision and not an impulse buy!

                                                                 Buyers Initials__________

   The puppy will go home with a puppy pack in it will be his / her shot record, AKC papers (ONLY applies if purchased with full registration)
    if the papers are not back from the AKC prior to the puppy going home they will be sent as soon as they are received from the AKC
   (Again, ONLY if purchased with FULL AKC registration not for a " pet puppy"). 
    Puppies SOLD as a Pet ONLY will NOT receive AKC Puppy application, No exception to this ever. 
   If the buyer is interested in having the puppy micro chipped it is no additional charge (this includes the microchip application). 
   They will also go home with a small amount of food that they are currently eating, and a small supply of Nu Vet Complete Supplements 
   with order instructions and High Desert Doxies Referral ID # to order your puppies supplements. 
   Nu Vet Supplements are by referral only our ID # is 28568. 
   The puppy is feed only dry food No canned food (wet food). We free feed PawTree Chicken & Oatmeal. 
    If you are going to change foods, we recommend you use a high-quality food.
   At night the puppy is given a small amount of plain yogurt (not flavored at all), and they are given Nu Vet Complete Supplements daily.
   The puppy currently sleeps in a crate at night. I highly recommend continuing this process as it will be easier on the puppy & yourself. 
   You may call me any time for any questions or concerns.

                                                                     Buyers Initials_________

   NOTE - Dachshunds can have serious allergic reactions to bee stings and certain vaccines so you may want to get a 
                small bottle of children's benidril for such an emergency!

                                                                        The above has been read and agreed upon.
                                                                  By purchasing / accepting delivery / and/or signing 
                                                                       this contract or purchasing a puppy 
                                                                 buyer agrees to all of the terms listed in this contract.

   Selling Price: ______________ Deposit: $300 Check / Zelle/ Cash App   Cash Balance Due: ___________          
     1st DHPP_______      2nd DHPP______   Revolution ________

                                                                        Worming 1st_____    2nd _____ 3rd_____ 4th _____

   As part of my 1-year guarantee buyer must continue feeding Pawtree dog foods and using Nuvet. Proof of the dog being on this 
  supplement and or dog food is proven by emails received from both companies, this shows whether or not you are ordering as
   recommended. Buyer has 1 week from the pickup date to order their NuVet Supplements/ Immune Boosters and register the 
  microchip to themselves (I Jennifer Velasquez will register the puppy to myself, and all health guarantees will be null and void 
  on the 8th day if microchip is not registered to the new owner). Microchip registration is the only wat to get your family member
  home if they are lost or stolen. Pawtree dog foods and NuVet immune Booster are the best investment to give your family 
  member the Longest-Healthiest lives. Pawtree & Nuvet can add years to your pet's lives. If the buyer does not want to use any of 
  the recommended products listed above then the breeder only gives a 7-day health guarantee.

                                                                       Microchip # _____________________

                                                                      Buyers Initials __________________

    AKC Registration Options:
   {   } Full Registration.
   { +} Limited Registration (Puppy may not be shown or used for breeding and needs to be spayed / neutered 
                                           by his or her first birthday).
   AKC Registration Application:
   {   } Included   {   } Will be sent as soon as it is received from AKC.
   { +} SOLD as a Pet ONLY no papers included

                                                       PUPPY APPERS TO BE IN GOOD HEALTH:

                Buyers Signature: ________________________ Date: ____________________________

              Breeders Signature:_________________________Date: ___________________________
Please understand that when adopting an adult or rescue dog or any dog/puppy from the Adults for Adoption Page that the above contract does not apply. The dog does not usually come with a health history or any kind of vet records so when I take them to my vet these are the only records that I will have to offer. This will include a shot record, spay/neuter certificate, & a rabies certificate.
Please do not contact the veterinarian on the shot record or the spay/neuter certificate as they WILL NOT and DO NOT have permission to to release any records. If you have additional questions regarding a dog/puppy on the Adults for Adoption page, then I the breeder will need to be contacted.
All of the information that the new owner will need will be provided i.e., shot record, spay/neuter certificate, & rabies certificate.
  •  Additional Notes: We Use and Highly Recomend you contuniue to use Nu Vet for the life of your puppy.  
​All of our puppies and adults are on Pawtree Chicken & Oatmeal or Chicken & Sweet Potato; I suggest you continue with our food recommendation. PawTree is a bit more expensive than other commercial foods, but it is worth every penny spent.