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This may be long, but it NEEDS to be said, I do NOT advertise on Facebook, MeWe, puppyfind, or any other types of puppy selling forums. Yes, I have an Instagram account, only to post pictures of 
MY dogs, past puppies, and fun pictures, I Do NOT advertise puppies for sale on there.
Good breeder's do NOT need Facebook or any other social media outlets to sell their dogs or puppies. These places are where puppy mills advertise!! 
A good breeder with a good reputation already knows this. I have NEVER advertised on Facebook or any puppy selling forums nor will I EVER. 
My reputation is SOLID when one of my puppies goes to their new home THAT right there is my reputation! 
I HAVE to stand behind my dogs!  People are not "just buying a puppy" they are buying ME along with ALL of my years of knowledge and experience I would not still be breeding after 20 plus years if I was producing bad puppies or had bad reputation following me around. 

I have to stand by my puppies and dogs my reputation as 
"The dachshund lady of Hollywood" speaks for itself! 
Good reputation= work and a Bad reputation= No work.
I have plenty of references to offer. 
Most of my potential buyers are from word of mouth, referrals (movie sets, veterinarian, puppy sitters, professional dog trainers from ALL across the United States), and my website. 

 I can't tell you how many emails, texts, and phone calls I receive weekly (I honestly try to respond to everyone but sometimes inquires get lost or overlooked) from people calling and getting ALL of the information, sending in their deposits, getting on my waiting list, having a "Family discussion" and waiting for the right puppy to fit into your home.  Verses the people wanting information or wanting a puppy Right Now, well that's not how it works here. 
I Don't have tons puppies just sitting around, this is NOT a vending machine where you call me looking for the instant gratification and tell me what you want, my breeding's are thought out and planned.  

I want to talk to the puppy buyers, get an idea of their home life and where the puppy will be (do you live in a house, apartment, condo, or boat?), will there be young kids in the home? I don't have an issue with you having children, but I don't want to place a shy puppy with outgoing kids. I want the puppy to fit your home and lifestyle. 
My puppies may not be for you and that's ok too, wouldn't you rather find that out prior to you committing to me or this puppy?

​This is a food and company that I feel very strongly about.
 I feed and recommend Paw Tree dog foods and cat food also. Dogs and cats never had cancers, allergies, issues with their teeth until commercial dogs foods and fillers came along.