These are pictures of what adult dachshunds look like.
This is a short list of color references for Dachshunds.

Black & Tan, Black & Tan dapple, and Black & Tan Piebald still a Black & Tan.

English Cream, Chocolate & Cream, Cream Brindel, Black & Cream Brindel, Black & Cream Dapple- Still an English Cream

 Longhair Chocolate & Cream 
A Chocolate & Cream  as a puppy.
A Chocolate & Cream 
Longhair & pale Cream puppy.
 Longhair English Cream.
 as a puppy
Longhair English Cream
 as a puppy
 Longhair Black & Dapple.
 as a puppy
 Longhair Isabella Dapple.
Smooth Black & Tan.
 Smooth  Red Miniature.
Smooth Black & Tan Dapple
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