About Us
  This is just a little about me. I began breeding dogs in 1996. My family and I decided that we need more room for our growing family and our dogs so we moved to where we could have a little property and bought 5 Acers and a house that was a little bigger than what we had to start with.  
I can tell you how times have changed extremely from when I first started with my dogs. I used to have puppies still available to come see at 9 weeks old, now they are sold before they are even a week old.
All of my dogs are a part of my family and everyday life.  My kids never have less than three dogs in their beds sleeping with them at night.
Years ago, I caught the Show bug and started showing my Standard dachshunds and then a few of my minis. I mostly stick to Standards in the show ring now, I Love my Minis but my Standards hold a special place in my heart.  In my first dog show my miniature wire female took "Winners Bitch" and we were thrilled! I started just showing once a month, then it quickly turned into every weekend event I have been hooked on it ever since.

In 2001 I was contacted about doing a photo shoot with my dogs for a veterinarian magazine, it was ALOT of fun.  Soon after that we started getting calls to do commercials and then movies, we have been busy ever since. 
My dachshunds are on the bags of Eukanuba Dachshund food (and have been the Dachshunds on the bags since 2009), Pedigree, & Pro Plan Adult and Puppy dog food. They have appeared in lot of dog magazines also.
I was really surprised when I started getting calls from a few celebrities who wanted MY puppies (I'm still waiting for Johnny Depp to call me, hint hint....)

We have been blessed beyond measure in 2016! We had an opportunity in October to purchase our dream home and everything just came together (in the beautiful hills of the Acton/ Santa Clarita area). Everything and I mean everything happens for a reason. My husband is closer to his work now, I am super close to the locations that we shot our commercials, close to the studios, and a hop skip and a jump to the airports. The house is perfect for my family and more importantly the ideal home for my dogs. My sister is almost finished with her RN. I hope to be posting in the next few years that she is finished with school and has her dream job of a traveling nurse or moving to Hawaii and working there or they are able to move back East like they want and purchase their own home instead of renting our old house (I don't like to be a landlord especially to family) This year has keep my hopping from one job to the next. Look for my puppies and dogs in the current Pets Mart commercials, Purina commercials, Colman Sporting goods (I don't know what a dachshund has to do with that, but AWSOME anyways! Right?!) 

I have met and worked with some wonderful people that I have gotten to know because of my wonderful dogs.  
I meet one of my closest friends Tammy and her son Brandon when they got a Pale English Cream boy named "Sonny" from me in 2002 and we have been close friends ever since.
It's just like what they say about potato chips and dachshunds you can't just have one, because then you want another, & another, & another.  
All of my puppies and adult dogs are raised in my home and are very well socialized with kids, cats, and other dogs, so the puppies are well socialized when they go to their new homes.

I want my puppies to have the best start in life, so they are feed a premium food ( Pawtree) from the start. The puppies will have two sets of shots, de-wormed, & have a dose of Revolution (protection against heartworms, fleas, & other parasites) before they leave my home. All of the puppies will go home with their shot record, a small amount of the food they are currently eating, a toy, and lots of information. I highly recommend adding NU Vet complete supplements, yogurt, & Pawtree to your puppy and adult dogs daily feeding schedule it has done wonders for my dogs. 

All of my dogs are feed raw for the most part, raw chicken, raw Knuckle bones from the butcher to chew on, carrots, apples, strawberries, sweet potatoes, bananas pretty much whatever fruit the kids are eating the dogs get also. I never give them processed dog treats.

I do offer micro chipping at buyer request for no addition fee.  I do offer shipping to most areas of the country at the buyer's expense. I usually fly with the puppies myself so I can take them on as a carry on instead of flying them in cargo. It is sometime cheaper that way but not always.
I will take back any puppy or adult at any time if the owner is unable to keep it for whatever reason.
WE were INSPECTED by the AKC in May and found to be in complete compliance.

I will try to keep this page current, especially when it comes to the dogs, 
           Much Love to ALL of our Happy Homes!!!!
                 Past, Present, and Future!!!

Due to Commercials, Print Adds, & Movies becoming our number one at this point for High Desert Doxies we are very blessed in having the opportunities that we have been receiving. With that being said the show ring has taken a slight back seat for the time being. With such a tight schedule and having such limited time puppy drop offs will have to be done around my schedule until our contract comes up for renegotiation.  

We are super busy in the Studios, The middle of the Summer and filming for 
the Holidays!
 We are on a set, or a set location more than we are home now.
 Very grateful for these opportunities.

I will update as soon as I can, as we are on a 
"Gag order" till they air 
then we can post them for everyone to enjoy.

As of November 2017, we 
are officially the Dachshunds for Pets Mart, we have the exclusive contract. I think it's Fabulous that we are official since we have been doing their promos for years now.

 I Love hearing from happy families that added happy puppies from our home to yours.
  Many Blessings to ALL of our Dachshund Families.
     Please send photos we LOVE to see them. 
We are setting up a YouTube for our site with some of our commercials we have done, there are more and when I find them, I will post them. I hope you Enjoy them! 
LOOK at the New face of Pets Mart, & 
    no, I am not talking about Ellen.
Yes, this is my dog, So Exciting!
These are from a set for a pet care video that we did in 2017.
The Puppies of Royal Cannin puppy food.
I can't believe how blessed we have been.
Rosie Huntington Whitley even has 2 of my dogs.
    The 2017 Natures Recipe commercial with the Dachshunds on the tread mill, that's US!
2017 Nex Gard 
PetsMart Royal Canin 2017
Look for these guys on the show " The Ranch" 
         episode ' Tie my love in a double knot'
         also a 2018 PetsMart Commercial
The doxies are SUPER Busy!
We are already working on filming & adds for the 2023 year. Watch closely for our puppies they are in ALOT. (Phone adds, pet food, TV shows, New bag of Eukenuba again , & Royal Canin). Amazon Christmas special and Video.
    PetsMart Science Diet Commercial 2018