Welcome to High Desert Doxies!
Welcome to High Desert Doxies. We are a small kennel located in the beautiful picturesque High Desert of Southern California.
We are about an hour north of Los Angeles, California.
Specializing in breeding pet and show-quality Miniature and Standard dachshunds with Longhair & Smooth hair ( short hair). Occasionally we have a litter of standard size puppies we may have standards once a year.
We have a verity of colors and patterns including Longhair English Creams, Chocolate & Cream, chocolate and tan, reds, black & tans, & Isabellas in  solids, piebalds, brendels and dapples . 
Dachshunds come in over 250 colors and patterns just like horses. 
All of my Standards are smooth red or black and tan only. 
We ONLY raise AKC-registered puppies and adult dachshunds.  
If you take a look at our puppy page you will see that we have adorable
little dachshund puppies that are looking for their forever homes.
And if you are looking for an older puppy or an adult dog you can take a look at our Adults for adoption page .

The next time you see a dachshund puppy or adult ask if it came from Highdesertdoxies we have the most beautiful adults and puppies you can find anywhere in Lancaster california, Long Beach california, Arcadia california, Azusa california, Bakersfield california, Burbank california' Covina california, West covina california, Chatsworth california, Duarte california, Downey california, El Monte california, Eagle Rock california, Fontana california, Filmore california;  Glendora california, Hunington Park california,, Irwindale california, New Port Beach california, Pasadena california, South Pasedena california, Rosemead california, Bradbury California,,Baldwin Park california, Las Vegas Nevada, La Canada california, Chatsworth california,Northridge california,Santa Clarita california, Acton california, San Fernando california, Tempel City california, Serria Madre california, San Dimas california, Montclair california, Ontario california,Palm Springs california, Encino california,La Vern california, Clairmont california,.Big Bear California, San Jose california, Santa Cruz California, Watsonville california, Salias california, Seaside california, Tehachapi california, Sanata Barbra California, San Luis Obispo california, Santa Maria california, Oxnar california, Thousand Oaks california, Inglewood california, Torrance california, Huntington Beach california, Riverside california, Palm Springs california, Oceanside california, San Diego california, Santa Ana california, Newport Beach california, Gardengrove california, Anaheim california, Corona california, Escondido california, Sun City california, Ventura california, Santa Paula california, Santa Clarita california, Alhambra california, Bellflower california, Beverly Hills california, Bishop California, Buena Park california, Calabasas california, California City california, Castaic california, Cherry Valley california, Doxie, dachshunds,winnie dogs for sale,longhair dachshunds for sale,short hair dachshunds for sale, smooth hair dachshunds for sale ,wire hair puppies for sale, doxie puppy , doxie puppies, dachshund puppy, dachshund puppies,dachshund puppies for sale, dachshund puppy for sale, doxie puppies for sale, doxie puppy for sale, puppy for sale,puppies for sale, puppies for adoption puppy, dog breeder, pet breeder,miniature dachshund pups, miniature doxie pups, mini doxie, breeder of doxie puppies, breeder of dachshunds, breeder of miniature dachshunds, breeder of standard dachshunds, breeder of mini dachshunds, breeder of mini doxies, breeder of standard doxies,short hair doxies,longhair doxies,wire hair doxies, Dachshund breeder in the Los Angeles California area, California dachshund breeder, Southern California dachshund breeder,dachshund breeder, dachshund kennel, dachshund kennel in California,doxie kennel,doxie kennel in California, champion dachshund lines, champion dachshunds, red, brown, cream, chocolate and cream, chocolate, chocolate and tan, black and brown, English cream, dapple, brendel,piebald, Show Breeder of Dachshunds, Standard dachshund, Standard size dachshund,puppies for sale in California, puppies for adoption in california.. red dachshunds, red doixie, brown dachshunds, brown doxies, black and brown dachshunds, black and brown doxies, black and red dachshunds, black and red doxies,  black and tan dachshunds, black and tan doxies, black and tan short hair dachshunds, black and tan longhair dachshunds, black and tan longhair doxies, brown short hair dachshunds, red short hair dachshunds, brown short hair doxies, red longhair dachshunds, red longhair doxies, dachshunds in southern california for sale. 
Yes we currently have dachshund puppies for sale!
        You want the Best then start with the Best!
If you have any questions about a puppy or just questions in general the fastest way to contact us is by phone.
I am always available and excited to talk about my dogs and dachshund nutrition. We are currently excited to start a new feeding program that I feel is the best road to travel down for the next generation of puppies and myself included. PawTree has what I have been looking for in regards to ingredients and nutrition and made in America company. No more worrying about what and where the food is being made. As of August 2020 we will be feeding PawTree dog food and will be using there Health and Wellness line on all of our dogs. If you have any questions about our feeding program and what formula we are going to be sending home with your new family member please call or text and don't forget to order before you pickup your new baby. Link for the food and ordering is below  and on my puppy page.